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Body Workers, prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Body Workers, prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is here, make sure to create an Amazon “Wish List”.  Make shopping easier for your family and friends by picking out all of those fun massage, Reiki and Yoga toy’s and tools that you would like like to receive for the seasonal holiday’s.

Creating a Wish List and adding items.

  • Go to
  • Click on the product as if to purchase. This will take you to
  • Look on the right side of the page and under the “Add to Cart” button. (See picture)
    wishlist Options

    Amazon Wish List Options under “Add to Cart”

  • Choose the button to create a list or add it to an existing list of yours.
  • Make sure to give your family and friends your Amazon List Name.

By creating your list and adding the items you want:

  1. This will make sure that they purchase the correct items and brands that you want.
  2. You do not receive duplicates that you have to return.
  3. If there are any problems you can use Amazon’s easy tools for return, replacement or credit.

Remember that a Wish List is not just for the seasonal holiday’s, it can be for birthday’s, anniversaries and any time you want to keep track of your must have tools and toy’s. You can post small and large ticket items for your friends and family to purchase.

If you are working in a salon, studio or Doctors office, is a great place to find fun stocking stuffers and gift exchange ideas, for your co-workers or employees.


I am wishing you all a happy and safe Thanks Giving. Have fun shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday,



Michele DeArment



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